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    Icon Grills

    Hardwood Lump Charcoal 20 lb. Box

    Hardwood Lump Charcoal 20 lb. Box 100% NATURAL LUMP HARDWOOD CHARCOAL from Icon Grills, burns clean and hot, much hotter than “charcoal briquettes”. This makes steaks, chicken, seafood, and anything you grill much juicier and more delicious...

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    Quickchange Gas Insert

    Quickchange Gas Insert Your Grill. Your Choice.Quickly change between Charcoal and Gas. Pushing the boundaries of Kamado Grilling! You can enjoy the ease of gas grilling Monday through Friday, whether it be hamburgers, chicken,...

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    ICON Grill 100 Series

    ICON Grill 100 Series Big Flavor, Small Package!Tailgate? Camping? Small Deck or Patio? Perfect! Portable, stylish, and compact, the 100 Series grill is still every bit as capable of grilling, searing, and smoking as our other designs. We understand...

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    ICON Grill C51 Series

    ICON Grill C51 Series A Grill That Does It All.An ancient art finally mastered and in your back yard. Now, the ability to make unparalleled, savory meals is right at your fingertips. Use this grill to sear, grill, and smoke all year round —...

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    ICON Grill 400 Series

    ICON Grill 400 Series Our largest offering yet!Vibrant color options, and slatted, dark wood features, our grills have never looked better. This grill practically speaks for itself; it has all the things you love about the C51 and so much more. With...

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    ICON Grill 700 Series

    ICON Grill 700 Series A bigger, better step.This grill has a lot going on and all the necessary space to accommodate it. 714 Square Inches of cooking space. More room for food. Less of a footprint. The 700 Series has a lot going on and all the...

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    ICON Grill 800 Series

    ICON Grill 800 Series A Grill Master’s Fantasy.This grill has a lot going on and all the necessary space to accommodate it. 714 Square Inches of cooking space. Enclosed storage. Like the 700 Series, this grill offers even...

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    ICON Grill 900 Series

    ICON Grill 900 Series Our largest offering yet!With an impressive 800 Square Inches of cooking space, the 900 has the space you need for your family’s large appetite for great food. When you just have to have the largest Kamado in the...